PYL COVID Update – 23/2/21 – Return to Football

As announced by the Government and The FA, Grassroots Football will be allowed to return as of Monday 29/3/21.  FA Guidance updates will need to be followed.  This date is dependent on any further Government COVID announcements/updates. 

The 4th April 2021 is Easter Sunday, therefore the PYL Sunday fixtures will recommence as of 11th April 2021.  Based on the current information this gives the League 8 weeks to complete the 20/21 Season!  If any Teams wish to play Easter weekend, 4th April 2021, if both teams agree fixtures can be brought forward, requests should be made to the Fixture Secretary.

For competitive age groups (U12 to U16’s), with the limited number of weeks available to complete the Season it is not possible to base the League on Teams playing each other twice.  Therefore, as per rule, and confirmed since the start of the season, the tables will be worked on teams playing each other once.  Where teams have played each other twice it will be the first fixture result that will be relevant/recorded.  Once Fixtures recommence priority will be given to the outstanding 36 fixtures so that all teams have played each other once.  This will enable League Winners & Runners Up to be awarded at the end of the Season.  Second fixtures, where possible, up to the 30th May 2021 will still be scheduled by the League, hopefully this will help Teams/Players come out of Lockdown and regain their fitness levels.

Non-competitive age groups (U8 to U11’s), for most divisions if not all, it will not be possible in the weeks available to complete all the League fixtures based on playing each other twice.  The League will continue to play the scheduled fixtures up to the 30th May 2021.  With the information available/collated it will enable the League to ensure that Teams are appointed to the correct divisions for season 21/22. 

League Cup & Plate Competitions, with the current start date available these competitions will continue.  Due to the amount of fixtures still to be played to get us to the Final stage, dates for the ‘Finals’ will change, this is unavoidable.  Once details have been finalised full details will be issued to all Club Secretary’s, hopefully over the next week.  If the start date changes this will need to be reviewed.

Scheduling of fixtures, to enable us to complete the Cup & Plate competitions and meet the dates for the Finals, these fixtures will need to be played over the first three/four weeks back.  This will mean that fixtures will be scheduled and issued/available to Teams on a weekly basis.  As teams are knocked out of the competitions and where at all possible advanced notice will be given.  To ensure we are able to complete the Season fixtures must be played on the dates scheduled!  If home venues are not available please arrange for the fixture to be reversed by contacting the Fixture Secretary. 

Mid-Week Fixtures, if at all possible the League will continue to arrange ‘Friday Night Football’ at Coach Road.  If Teams wish to bring fixtures forward to play mid-week/Saturdays at their own venues the request can be made to the Fixtures Secretary, however, both teams must agree.

AGM 21st June 2021, based on yesterday’s Government announcement, we are hopeful that this year’s PYL AGM may be able to be held in a physical meeting rather than a virtual meeting.  Again this will be dependent on COVID updates!  The League will arrange a venue on standby.  Please note, if a physical meeting is held attendance will be restricted to ‘one’ member per Club.  Clubs will be kept up to date as more information on this becomes available.

The PYL would like to stress, no Club/Team will be forced to play if they still feel uncomfortable about COVID, however if the FA & Government guidance dictates it is safe to play, the PYL will continue as we have since the start of the season.  Clubs and Teams must feel comfortable about a return to football. 

The PYL Committee will work to ensure the safe return of football, we will work to help ensure that the Season is not voided for a second year.  However, safety is paramount!

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the League Secretary.