Safety to all is paramount.

If we wish to play ‘Grassroots Football’ while we are coping with the COVID pandemic, the Government & The FA put in place guidance that League’s, Club’s & Teams have to follow and adhere to, thus allowing us to continue.

  • Clubs must have a COVID Officer.
  • Clubs must have completed & follow a ‘Risk Assessment’ available on request.
  • Clubs must ‘Track & Trace’, & display an NHS QR code for scanning, with a manual ‘Track & Trace’ offered for those without a mobile ‘App’.
  • Individuals showing ‘symptoms’ stay at home.
  • All must follow the up to date Government & FA guidance.

It was made clear to all Clubs at the start of Season 20/21, ‘there is no pressure on any Club/Team to play football’, it is personal choice.

The Pioneer Youth League started Season 20/21 knowing it would be a difficult Season.  To ensure the PYL continued, from the start the PYL have followed the Government & The FA guidance accordingly.  As soon as an announcement/update was issued by either Government or The FA, immediate action has been taken, thus ensuring, to the best of our ability, the safety and wellbeing of all. 

Rules were sanctioned by CFA to help us deal with situations during the ‘pandemic’. 

The PYL support and respect any Club/Team that wished to withdraw from League Fixtures due to feeling unsafe with COVID.  However, while supporting those wishing to withdraw the PYL have to support and respect those choosing to remain, taking the appropriate action, as taken since the start of Season 20/21, to ensure the League continues and hopefully comes to a workable end to the season.

If and when the Government & FA allows ‘Grassroots Football to continue, the PYL will restart in accordance with the Government & FA guidance.

Latest Government guidance can be found here.

Yours in Football