England Football Club Health Checks

Yearly Health Checks

Every year to maintain a Clubs FA ‘England Football’ Accreditation, Clubs need to complete an ‘Annual Health Check’.

Once the ‘Health Check’ has been completed Clubs will receive their ‘England Football’ Certificate for the Season.

On completion of the Clubs Health Check, and receipt of their Certificate, the League is offering Clubs the opportunity to claim a ‘Health Check Incentive Pack’ from the choice of five packs below.

This offer is also available to Clubs when obtaining the ‘England Football’ Accreditation for the first time.

Incentive Packs available:-

• Agility Training
• Slalom
• First Aid
• Managers
• Match Ball

To claim your Club pack:-

• Club Secretary to email PYL England Football Coordinator, the following information:-
• A copy of the Clubs Health Check Certificate
• Clubs choice of Incentive Pack they would like to receive from the five options listed (one to be selected)
• Claim will be processed / ordered
• Clubs will be notified when the pack is available to be collected

Please remember if you require any assistance with your Health Checks please do not hesitate to contact the PYL England Football Coordinator or CFA.