Sports Glasses / Goggles in Football

Back in 2020 a news report highlighted the dangers of wearing glasses during football.

It is compulsory that approved sports glasses (with a head strap to secure to head) are worn for matches.  Referees can stop players playing if they aren’t wearing the correct glasses.  This is information direct from The FA.  We can only recommend that Clubs apply the same rules for training as well.

If you have any player in your Club/Team that plays in glasses please advise them and their parents that for their own safety and wellbeing they will not be allowed to participate in Pioneer Youth League games until they have the correct and appropriate sports glasses/goggles.


Financial Assistance

If you have/are a player registered within your Club/Team with the Pioneer Youth League, that has purchased Sports Glasses/Goggles, they/you can make a claim as follows:-

  1. Submit to the/your Club Secretary the receipt for the purchase of ‘Sports Glasses / Goggles’.
  2. Club Secretary to submit via email to PYL Secretary the receipt, along with players name, Club name, team player registered with.
  3. Submit details of who / where payment is to be made (cheque of bank transfer).
  4. Once details have been checked and verified a cheque or bank transfer will be made.
  5. This offer can be used alongside the CFA voucher scheme.


NOTE:-  This is only available to players registered with a Club/Team within the PYL.  Funding is only up to £50.

For League assistance any chain of optician can be used. 

When wearing sports glasses they must be secured to the head by a strap.

To help financially Devon FA also have a discount scheme with Specsavers on Sports Goggles.  If you contact Ashley Harris, 07912 089838, he will send out a Specsavers Discount Vouchers along with information. 

If you would like to take advantage of the CFA scheme, alongside the League funding, please be aware with the CFA scheme only certain branches of Specsavers operate the scheme, the CFA Voucher must be presented to the branch prior to purchase.


League Funding Assistance is Sponsored by – John Fowler Holiday Parks

John Fowler kindly donated funds to the League to help assist players with the purchase of ‘Sports Glasses/Goggles’.

A big thank you to ‘John Fowler Holiday Parks’ for their generosity.